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At Allegro Physiotherapy we stock a range of products to help improve your lifestyle and well being.

Frankie Footwear

Style & Comfort

At Allegro Physiotherapy here in Geraldton, we are proud to offer our local ladies access to the amazing Frankie4 Footwear range. Frankie4 are super stylish, supremely comfortable
shoes designed and created by a Physio and Podiatrist in Brisbane. Allegro believe in offering the people of Geraldton the opportunity to have fashionable feet whilst saving soles!


Dietary Support

Allegro are proud supporters of the Bioceuticals Range of medical grade supplementation. Bioceuticals are an incredibly high quality product, offering users the most high grade
bioavailability in all of their range. They are practitioner only, so you need experts like us to be able to issue them to you and give you advice about what you may need. We are also super competitive in price.

Posture Form

Memory Foam Pillows

We also stock a fabulous range of Australian Pillows, supportive Archies thongs and much more! Come in and check out our range- you don’t need an appointment- we always have staff available to show you what we have and give you great advice!

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