Clinical Pilates is a modified version of classical Pilates founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s. It is the ultimate in rehabilitation and has stood the test of time because of the excellent results that one can achieve. At Allegro Studio we only have sessions conducted by qualified physiotherapists- not instructors, therefore your level of assessment and analysis of your own individual problems means a superior rehabilitation program custom made for you is guaranteed.


All of our sessions utilise specialised Balanced Body equipment- the highest quality of Pilates equipment available. Our equipment includes a trapeze table, Allegro Reformer, Exo Chair and Core Align. We also have other specialised training equipment such as Surfset, Orbits and Foot Correctors.


We use our amazing studio to help you achieve your personal and rehabilitation goals. Pilates has been used for decades successfully to re-engage people with their bodies and their breathing. The core unit of the body must be both strong and supple as well as controlled for everything to function optimally. At Allegro Physiotherapy we are able to retrain the way you use your body to correct postures and prevent injuries form recurring.


We have suitable sessions for women, men and children of all ages and levels of ability. Once you have had your assessment your qualified physiotherapist devises you a personalised program which they close guide you through and progress during the course of your treatment.


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